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As a non-profit business, donations are how we are able to remain open for you! We use donations to create, expand, and maintain the facilities we have now.

Your generosity makes it possible for us to add new areas and exciting activities throughout the year. Look for our newest additions:
-Climbing Wall and Treehouse
-Water Activity Center

-The NEW Multicultural Area featuring revolving exhibits, start with Egypt! Kids will explore a pyramid and discover a mummy in a tomb. They will learn to write their name in hieroglyphics, make golden bracelets, and, best of all, how to wrap their own small mummies in linen!

Have a suggestion for expansion? Let us know!


Different Ways to Donate:

-Please feel free to send digital donations of all sizes to either our Paypal or Venmo. We use our digital funds for things such as daily supplies, sanitizers, employment, expansions, upkeep, maintenance, and animal care. We appreciate it!

Venmo: On your mobile phone, click here to donate. (You can also scan the Venmo QR code below!)

PayPal: @DiscoveryCenter  (or click the Donate button below. You can also scan the QR code below!)

-Check out our Amazon Wishlist below to help us out with our daily supplies. Please feel free to send to the wishlist address-or stop by and bring in donations yourself! We always love to see your smiling faces. Thanks again for supporting the youth of the central coast.

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The Exploration Discovery Center is so grateful for your donations and your support of our vision.
We can’t do this without YOU! Please find a list of all of our wonderful donors below.

Margaret Ontiveros
Tish Gilbert
Phyllis Odom
Debra Ugalde
Ray Doone
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Carrie De Ruyter
Debra Ugalde
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Frederick Carbone
Mr. & Mrs. Barnick
Linda Cordero
Debra Ugalde
Teri Tardiff
Armando Alcantar
Patricia Epperson

Tilly Wright

Miranda McGuire
Christine Bevill

Michelle Wright
Smart and Final
Hector Ramirez
Ray Doone
Dwight Gregory
Meredith Takken
Mark Melendez (In Memory of Harvey Rosenblum)
Ray DooneAlice Messina
Linda Vleit
Barbara and Cliff Toman
Michelle Wright
John and Laura Ahler
Pastor Bob Crouch

Anita Shower

Traci O’Leary Garza

Gayla Anderson
Sharon Shell

Deanne  I. Croft

Nilan, Marilyn and Cindi Kincaid